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Chase the Aces Raffle is the new radio contest that offers Okanese First Nation listeners the opportunity to win weekly cash prizes while supporting their favourite local community radio station. Read on to learn details about how and when to purchase tickets, payout amounts and other information. Have questions? Contact our office for answers.

Chase the Aces

IGR Licence #: L17-087

E-transfer Information for Ticket Purchases
Email: chasetheaces@creekfm.com
Note/message: your cell number
Question: Radio Station
Answer: CreekFM (as shown with respective capitals)

Once your e-transfer is received and accepted. Mz. D will fill out the raffle tickets for you, and send you a picture of the completed tickets before she places them in the raffle drum.

Chase the Aces Raffle Rules & Regulations

  1. All sales shall be cash or E-transfer only and will only be sold to residents of Saskatchewan
  2. Tickets will be $5.00 for a two-part numbered ticket
  3. Raffle sales will take place from Thursday 12:00 PM through Wednesday 7:30 PM
  4. E-transfers for tickets will be accepted until 5:00 PM Wednesday of each week, as staff will need time to fill out the tickets as well as respond to the ticket purchasers, telling them what their ticket number(s) is (are). Any e-transfer(s)/ticket requests that are received after 5:00 PM will be entered into the next week’s drawing; if there is no draw the e-transfer will be refunded.
  5. Attendance at the drawing is not mandatory, and the first name drawn from the raffle drum will win both the 20% of the weekly sales prize and the chance to draw an “Ace” from the deck of cards. The raffle drawing will take place at the beginning of our weekly fundraising media bingo on Wednesday at approximately 8:00 PM. The drawing for the “Ace” will take place on Thursday at 10:00 AM during the on-air broadcast of the Moccasin Road Program. In the event that the raffle winner cannot attend for the “Ace” drawing, a proxy may draw for them, and the prize(s) (Raffle portion and possible “Ace” portion) will be sent to the address provided at the time of the raffle ticket sale.
  6. As the CreekFM is a radio station and does not have the capacity to hold a large number of people all draws will be made in front of witnesses from the station and taped/recorded and posted on the CreekFM’S Facebook page.
  7. Marylynn Dumont, Daniel Walker and Cade Tuckanow are not allowed to purchase tickets as they may be requested to act as proxy for a raffle winner and they will also be serving as witnesses for the event. Those who wish to attend the drawing may do so, but please keep in mind the limited space at the radio station.
  8. In the case that a raffle winner cannot be in attendance and does not contact CreekFM to name their proxy, one of the above mentioned individuals shall automatically draw on their behalf and the winnings sent to the address as indicated in the ticket.
  9. The deck shall consist of a new standard 52-card playing deck.
  10. Once a card is picked it shall be shown to the witnesses and then ripped in half so that it is no longer a part of the eligible deck of cards. The ripped remains shall be placed in an envelope/folder for recordkeeping purposes and then destroyed once all 4 aces have been won.
  11. After each card draw the remaining cards in the deck shall then be taped and stored in a safe located onsite, readily available for next week’s raffle drawing.
  12. The percentage of sales shall be distributed as follows;
    • 50% shall go to the charity (Creek FM)
    • 20% shall go to the winner drawn for that week
    • 15% shall go to the Ace of Spades growing Jackpot
    • 5% shall go to the Ace of Diamonds, 5% to the Ace of Hearts and 5% to the Ace of Clubs growing jackpots.
  13. Once an “Ace” is drawn that percentage (5 or 15%) shall be distributed as follows:
    • Aces of Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts will be added to the Ace of Spades Pot if it is still in play, if not it will be divided evenly among the remaining Ace pots.
    • Aces of Spades will be distributed equally among remaining aces.
  14. The legal age for purchasing a ticket shall be 18 years of age or older
  15. All prizes shall be paid by cheque drawn off the “Creek FM Chase the Aces” bank account
  16. The Ace Jackpots shall start off with a guaranteed payout as follows;
    • Ace of Spades - $150.00
    • Ace of Diamonds - $50.00
    • Ace of Hearts - $50.00
    • Ace of Clubs - $50.00
    • Each of these pots shall then grow by their respective percentages, based on the prior week’s ticket sales.
  17. Once the card is drawn that will conclude that week’s draw and new “Chase the Ace” jackpot balances will be updated and printed on the next week’s raffle tickets sales stubs.
  18. All winners must be 18 years of age or older to qualify.

Chase the Aces Card Draw Rules & Regulations

  1. The Creek FM dealer shall show to the raffle winner/proxy, witnesses and the recording device that the “Aces” are in the deck.
  2. The dealer will then split the cards in 2 equal stacks;
  3. Riffle the 2 stacks twice;
  4. Drop the top half of the deck, then strip the remaining cards 4 to 6 times, removing approximately 4 - 6 cards at a time;
  5. Split the cards in 2 equal stacks and riffle the cards once more.
  6. They shall then place the deck on the table and “fan” out all the cards (facedown) “wash” the cards and then allow the raffle winner/proxy make a 1-card selection and pass it to the “dealer” who shall then reveal what the card is.
  7. Once the card is revealed to the raffle winner, witness and recording device, the dealer shall reveal the rest of the deck to ensure that the proper number of aces were indeed in play, then stack the cards into a deck and replace them into the box that they came with, tape the box and place it in a safe located onsite in readiness for the next week’s draw.
  8. Once the number of cards remaining in the deck reaches 26 there shall be 2 dealers
  9. The first dealer shall reveal the remaining aces and insert them back into the deck, shuffle the deck and place the deck on a table, performing at least three “washes”.
  10. Once this is performed the second dealer shall then perform 3 additional “washes” and once he/she is satisfied that they are properly mixed shall step back and allow the raffle winner to select their card, which in turn will be revealed to the witnesses, the recording device and those in attendance.
  11. In the event that any winner is owed more than $10,000.00, the winner will receive a good faith payment of $5,000.00 and the remainder will be paid following the Indigenous Gaming Regulators verification of a “clean” draw through a review of the videotaped event.

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